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Nowdays' goal is to make everyone (really everyone, ok?) understand the urgency of cannabis' decriminalization and legalization in Brazil, and for that we decided to recreate this universe - bringing art, entertainment, and a lot of information to those who are still out of our bubble and needs to learn a little more about the plant.


Design, launch strategy & launch campaign





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Nowdays is a new way of thinking and consuming cannabis.Eliminating stigma, prejudice and racism linked to marijuana is our mission here.

No boring and complicated scientific words, Nowdays is here to make things simple.

Limited Drops

Nowdays Clothing works with limited exclusive seasonal drops that are often sold out within a day. An example of an exclusive drop is the Vote for Cannabis sweatshirt; to make an impact in the upcoming elections in Brazil, we decided to design a sweatshirt with a strong message to be the limited edition drop in our online store. Another successful drop was an exclusive sweatshirt for our movie launch campaign. Both drops were sold out within 48h.


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