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My mission is to make life easier for the businesses that are starting a brand identity and present them with the brand concept in an efficient way with a touch of modernity and personality.


Working as a Project Manager for an e-commerce, I noticed that when we needed services we had to source each service in a different place (ads, marketing, design, content production, etc...) so I came up with the idea of ​​a creative studio where you can find all the services needed for your brand in one place.

Why work with me

What sets my service apart is that I have all the services a brand needs in one place. In addition to bringing more up-to-date and out-of-the-box design and ideas with a personalized service. I want to personalize your brand.

I want to personalize brands by bringing a more unique approach to communication where the customer identifies with your brand and the brand lifestyle presented, and not just focus on the product. I want to create a sense of community with Brand & Customer and thus build customer loyalty and present a content/ lifestyle that many people can identify with. I want to bring a sense of belonging / "being part of" for the costumer with your brand. This way, more than sales, we can build trust and loyalty with Brand & Costumer.

Brand Consulting

Let me help you bring a new sense of purpose to every element of your brand. My goal is to help you understand how your brand is perceived and how much value it delivers. The brand consulting help clients to orient their brands toward delivering and marketing their performances in a credible and attractive fashion and to differentiate them from the competition.



production of lifestyle photos, lookbooks, product stills, catalog and in-house videos.



web design, programming, e-commerce, automations, newsletter, SEO, etc.


Social Media

content creation, content calendar, influencers, pr box, partnerships, stories, reels, tiktok, instagram, twitter, instagram ads, brand persona, brand voice.


Brand Strategy

values, mission, history, message, brand positioning, brand DNA.



Logo, logo usage, color palette, slogan, brand guidelines, typography, branding brief, costumer persona, mind map, competitor research, marketing strategy, stationary design.


Other Services

fashion design, product design, supplier sourcing, packaging, marketing, events, social media maintenance, collaboration with other brands, etc.

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+55 (11) 91604-0088



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